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Home made burnishing tool from a oak chair

Ever since I starting dabbling with this leather business I have been annoyed with my self for having bought a plastic Tandy version of a burnishing wheel. I do not like plastic and wood feels so much nicer to work with and hold. Beside that, I never really got the plastic wheel to work the way I wanted.

Leather credit and business card wallet with fish skin decoration

I have to admit that I do not like doing product photography with iPhone, for that it is just not good enough. There are other relatively cheap camera solutions on the market that are far better than a phone and you do not need large investments to go many steps above the quality an iphone gives.

Woman at the market in Tlacolulu Oaxaca Mexico selling live stock Turkey

It was in Tlacolulu a small town north of Oaxaca that I bought my first Leather shoulder bag and only once before have I been equally thrilled with a shopping experience it was 20 years earlier in London, on a market, when I bought a set of leather jacket an trousers and I am constantly reminded of the small shop in Crossville Tennessee where I bought the heavy duty leather belt I have worn now each and every day since 16th of june 2006.

Dog walker hand made leather belt pouch

Few days ago I decided it was time to stop stuffing my jacket pockets with doggy bags and treats for my dogs. It was more than a time as the treats made every other dog in town look at me as food on their plate once I passed them in that same jacket with out my dogs and further more, summer is here and I needed some thing else than my jeans pocket to carry the bags and goods. Thus the dogwalker was born.

Recycled plastic and cardboard package material

When you are starting up there is no shortage of money going out of your wallet but there is less coming in so every attempt to save some money should be used, though with in the boundary that it does not come down on your company and design ethics in any way.  

classified design sketch

To be released immediately


News bulletin

Following the resent visit to Iceland and his lecture at Icelandic fashion week Calvin Kline and his empire have made a production contract with good Old Company and Kriss Flame stating that he (Kalvin klein) wants Kriss as a lead designer for the spring 2015 collection for senior citizens.

different glue for leather work

In a perfect world I wold not need glue and things would just stick to each other like tastebuds on teenage lovers. In the real world you cant get water to stick to a cat ,so we need some glue and when it comes to a leatherworkers glue I did not have a clue. This is why I have been doing some tests on different type of glue and its effect and usability.

Selecting Leather weight

Are you confused by all the different measurements that are in use in different countries and at different places that use, sell or tann leather. I know that I can get confused by time to time being used to using DPI and PPI and pixels,picas, percentages and millimeters in photography and design and centimeters in carpeting and then inches and cm and mm in iron working and we have not started talking about the confusion when I start baking or making chocolate. 

Strap cutter

It could be easy to say that a strap cutter is a hyped up tool. Every one  (or almost) recommends it and state that being with out it is like being a fish with out water.

Chocolate brown Travelmate medium size leather bag

To finance the next step in the startup of Good Old company we are going to make a super offer.
Limited edition of the Chocolate brown Travelmate medium size bag big enough for iPad or inflight magazine.
In this offer only 25 bags will be sold for 1900 Nkr or $ 320 or 35.000 Isk + shipping. 
This is a one time offer so act quickly and contact us through the facebook side of good Old company to secure a bag for you now.